JOJI® Yogurt is a one of a kind Dessert Destination

JOJI® Yogurt is a one of a kind Dessert Destination

JOJI® Yogurt is a one of a kind Dessert Destination in South FL, giving locals and visitors alike the coolest way to cool off those hot days & nights. At JOJI®, you’re getting super premium froyo made from non fat milk and yogurt, infused with all natural flavors to ensure a sweet flavor from first lick to last. 

The best part? JOJI® Yogurt is available on the GO, with two Catering services to choose from. Get our Puck Pop® Bar, and you’ll be treated to our  all original Puck Pops®: Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Ice Cream or Dairy Free Sorbet on a stick, available Hand Dipped in Italian chocolate and/or Cookie Butter, served to you by some seriously sweet JOJI® Yogurt staff. We have very cute Mini Pops too!

To Really WOW your guests, opt for our JOJI® Signature Puck Pops® 

Have you ever stopped into a Bakery and had Memories flood back about a particular time in your life? Most often these Occurrences make you Smile, Sometimes even Bring Tears to Your Eyes. At JOJI®, we have Recreated this Experience with our Signature Puck Pop® Collection. Our JOJI® Fro-Yo is mixed with all the Love and Ingredients of your Favorite Treats, Bringing you back to those Happy Times.

From Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Cannoli to Key Lime Pie, Tiramisu, Rainbow Cookie, Country Apple Pie & more, rest assured there’s a palate pleasing Puck Pop® for all to enjoy. Pretty sweet, right?


Guava Cheesecake – this JOJI® Signature Puck Pop® is infused with tropical fruit and decadent cheesecake vibes for a flavor you won’t soon forget!

Or you can go for our Puck Pop® Pick Up/ Drop-Off to choose which pops you’ll indulge in. 

Hire us to cater your next event. It’s sure to be the Sweetest of them all!

But that’s not all. We also have those same frozen treats, plus JOJI® Bubble Tea, Milkshakes, Soft Serve & more at our Flagship JOJI Yogurt & Dessert Bar at Peppertree Plaza in Margate, FL 

Can’t get out, but still want your JOJI®? 

We Deliver with Postmates & Doordash!

Want to send the “Perfect” Gift? 

Head over to JOJIGEAR.COM  Your Destination for Everything JOJI®

Frozen Yogurt – Pints & Signature Puck Pops® – Apparel – Accessories

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JOJI® -“Inspiring the World through Yummies!”

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